Connecting the world of classic Porsche

Eastend Classics (The Netherlands)

Eastend Classics recovers and restores old and young timers for their loving owners. They will ensure that you can get back on the road quickly and safely and make new memories with your precious possession. The journey of the restoration process is at least as important as the final destination. Eastend Classics goes through that journey together and in close consultation with you. Their professionals strive for perfection in everything they do. In addition, they combine old crafts with modern techniques. Add to that the love for authentic cars and you will understand: your car is in good hands at Eastend Classics ! Do you also have a beautiful classic car in your possession,  and do you dream of getting back on the road with it? Or would you like to participate in competitions? Eastend Classics do everything they can to make the love between you and your vehicle bloom again!

Contact details of our installation partner.

  • Country:                          The Netherlands
  • State/region:                   Groningen
  • City:                                Zuidbroek.
  • Address:                         Europaweg 26
  • Address:                          9636 HT
  • Telephone:                      (+31) 050 211 5132
  • Email:                   
  • Contactperson:               Mr M.Smit