Connecting the world of classic Porsche

Madison Automotive Apprentices (Virginia USA)

MAAP is a non-profit that exists to share the love of the automobiel with the next generation, to provide educational and bridging opportunities for automotive restoration .preservation and motorsport experiences. It could be as simple as coming by to see the new workshop and having a cup of coffee. It could mean that you have a possible opening in your company for an intern or employee, or would like to sponsor a MAAP internship. Perhaps you have a vehicle needing restoration, or a motorsport project that could use professional support, or know someone who does. It could be as simple as supporting the non-profit through a tax-deductible gift of cash or securities, or a gift of a tangible item that could be auctioned on behalf of the non-profit.  Your support can also be one that shares the mission and activities of MAAP as an advocate. Any and all of that support will be valued and appreciated as MAAP shares our passion with the next generation!

Contact details of our installation partner.

  • Country:                          United States
  • State/region:                   Virginia
  • City:                                Harrisonburg 22802
  • Address:                         1070 Virginia Avenue
  • Address:                           22802
  • Telephone:                      5408105350
  • Email:                    
  • Contactperson:               Mr C.Scrogham