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Project Porsche (Netherlands)

Project Porsche was founded by Peter Broerse. His passion for the brand and technology became clear early on. He collected everything that had anything to do with Porsches and was regularly found in the workshop of the local dealer. Peter started his professional career at the Amsterdam Porsche dealer. After that he fulfilled a number of positions at several importers. At the age of 27 Peter bought his first classic 911. He completely restored the car with passion. This is what triggered the start of the Project Porsche company. In addition to Peter's knowledge and experience, the company has a very extensive network of professionals. From repair to overhaul, from sub-project to complete restoration the delivery of (very special) parts, advice and guidance with purchase, search for a specific copy, you name it.  In an no-nonsense setting Project Porsche offers excellent service and take care of all concerns about your Porsche.

Contact details of our installation partner.

  • Country:                          Netherlands
  • State/region:                   
  • City:                                 Vinkeveen                  
  • Address:                          Oudeland 11                    
  • Address:                         
  • Telephone:                      +31 644280521                    
  • Email:                   
  • Contactperson:               Mr P.Broerse