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Six Devils GmbH (Düsseldorf Germany)

Six Devils GmbH is a restoration company for classic Porsches located  in Düsseldorf. The focus is on the model years 1965-1973, which they are rebuilding with great attention to detail. In addition to the reconditioning of the body, the chassis, the engine and the transmission, this also includes the repair & installation of the entire electrical system and the associated wiring looms . Kroon Wire Harnesses is exactly the right partner at their side for this. They are happy to support you with your cable harness project and are your contact from the time of planning through installation to the function test after successful installation.

Contact details of our installation partner.

  • Country:                 Germany                     
  • State/region:                   
  • City:                       Düsseldorf                     
  • Address:                Schanzenstrasse 40                   
  • Address:                40549             
  • Telephone:            +49 151 11444510               
  • Email:          
  • Contactperson:   Mr Thorsten Dreiner