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  • Complete harness set for left hand drive 911 1969 E

Complete set for the 911E 1969  left hand drive.

Set includes the following items:

  • Main harness from (front fusebox to dashboard)
  • Dash illumination harness (7 bulb)
  • Front harness (incl relay socket)
  • Headlight harness (2 x)
  • Tunnel harness
  • Rear light harness (2 x)
  • Harness for engine (alternator/oil press / oil temp /RPM
  • Harness for engine compartment, rear-lights etc.
  • Harness for alternator 
  • Battery cable (for double battery set up) with double clamp /single clamp / rubber boot starter / cable entry rubber.
  • Ground strap battery to chassis (2 x) with switchable battery clamp.
  • Ground strap gearbox to chassis.
  • CDI harness (69 type)
  • Harness for Engine fusepanel.
  • Harness for front fuel pump
  • Harness for MFI pump
  • Rear window heating harness (window)
  • Rear window heating harness (control relay)
  • Ground harness
  • Ignition switch / flasher relay socket harness
  • Interior lights harness
  • License plate lighting harness
  • Luggage lights harness
  • Also included, new pre-connected 2 x 8 pole fusebox with ceramic fuses and fuse list.

As original colored wiring.

Original neoprene terminal sleeves used, (no shrink tube!)

Very high quality flex automotive grade wiring, ISO6722:2002 / DIN72551/6 / EEC directive 2000/53

Gasoline, oil, battery acid, engine coolant resistant.

High flex sleeving ,very resistant to solvents and free of halogen, sulphur and phosphorous.

Handmade in Holland, concourse quality.

Ask for our free detailed quotation showing each harness ,further explanation and possible options.

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Complete harness set for left hand drive 911 1969 E

  • Brand: Kroon
  • Product Code: 911E 69 LHD SET
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