Why should I change my harness?
Over the years wiring becomes dry and brittle due to extreme temperature changes and aging. These broken or split wire’s are a real fire hazard and should be changed during a restoration, or just as a safety precaution.
The wiring can have no visible damage, but will be brittle when bent. Therefore we always suggest to be safe now instead of sorry later.

Do I really need to change every harness, also the smaller ones?
Thats up to you, as the condition of each harness is different. When your not sure we would strongly advise you to do so, also a smaller harness for example the ones used for interior lights or license plate lighting can have cracked wiring.

Can you check my old harness?
Kroon Wire Harness offers free estimates, we encourage you to send us your old harness. We will take a look at it, and inform you with a quote before we begin any work. If we can not get together on a price or if you decide to to have the work done, we will return the old harness to you at your expense. (worldwide)
Make sure your harness is well packed, Kroon Wire Harness can not be held responsible for any damage by incorrect packaging.

Is it possible to restore my old harness?
Yes, in some cases thats possible, in such cases we will check and measure the condition of each wire, also all wire terminals will be replaced, and if required the braiding or tape will be renewed. The harness will be cleaned from oil and grease. Please note that such a harness will never match the look of a complete new one.

How do I take out my old harness?
Its better to first contact us before taking it out as each specific type needs a different approach.

Can I cut my old harness?
Yes thats no problem, but please do not cut it in 1000 pieces.

Do I need to label my old harness before taking it out?
Please contact us before taking it out, but for the most common type’s of Porsche (356, 911, 912)  no labeling will be required.

Why do I have to send my old connectors / relay sockets?
The special injection moulded connectors are no longer available on the market thats why we clean and re-use them in your new harness. The round 6 pole type connectors can also be delivered new.

Why do some harnesses require sending them completely, instead of only the connectors for others?
When we receive a harness that we have not build in the past we will start to measure each wire separately. The reason we require our customer to send the original harness is that the car’s schematic diagram does not provide information on length,types of terminals or connectors. By doing this we can ensure that you will receive a exact replica of the original harness.
A 69> type harness has a lot more special connectors, therefore we prefer receiving those harnesses completely.

Can I re-use my old fusebox?
Yes thats possible but we will not connect the new wiring to it. Very often old fuseboxes crack when new wire’s are connected.
We always advise in using a new fusebox and leave connection of the new wiring up to us.

What about the dashboard wiring?
This wiring is in most cases still in good condition as this was not exposed to moisture, wiring from a steering column handle is part of the switch itself. When you're in doubt about the condition of this wiring send it to us and we will examine it.

Do you deliver new light fittings?
New fittings (no bulbs) for dashboard illumination are included (they're made of metal and very often corroded) The double spade connectors for signal lights are not included (made of plastic) If you have any signal lights damaged please let us know upon ordering a new harness.

Can you check my relays, switches or other equipment?
Yes we can check and measure them, just add them to the shipment with connectors or complete harness.

Does Kroon Wire Harnesses also restore gauge’s?
No, but we’re in close cooperation with company’s who can.

Are any grommets/rubber caps included?
Grommets are included for the battery cable, also the rubber caps for reverse gear switch, oil press/temp sensor,and alternator connections.

Is additional wiring possible?
Yes, almost everything is possible, also when other engines are used. Just let us know what you require, and we’ll make it happen.

Can I order a other type of fusebox?
Yes thats possible.

Is it difficult changing my car’s wiring / Can I change a harness myself?
No, we have a different approach compared to other harness suppliers, we pre-connect as much as possible, even the fusebox.
All plugs and wires are labeled and with our step by step wire connection list no specific skills are required.
Beside that you may always contact us by mail or phone in case of questions.

Do I need special tools?
No special tools are required, only standard tools such as screwdrivers, wire cutter, an electricians “ pulling wire” might be handy to have.

What type of wire is used?
Thin wall hard grade single core cable to: ISO6722:2002 DIN 72551/6. Flame Retardant: according to ISO6722:2002. Conductors of high conductivity plain annealed copper wire, bunched conductors, insulated with hard grade PVC. Temp -30 tot 105 degrees.

What type of labeling is used?
Labeling is special oil resistant but most of our customers remove it after installation.

Do I get drawings with my new harness?
Drawings and connection lists are included, each to be connected wire is labeled and refers to a connection list and diagram.

Are the length’s identical to my old harness?
Yes the lengths are identical except for the rear and front lights, those are a little bit longer than original to avoid scratches on your paint during installation.

Can you make harnesses for Porsche’s not shown on this website?
Yes we can, as long as you have the old harness available for reference.